Set GoDaddy’s Domain in Mailgun account for the Transactional Email APIs

Ankit Kumar Rajpoot
4 min readDec 28, 2019


Mailgun is an email automation service provided by Rackspace. It offers a complete cloud-based email service for sending, receiving and tracking emails sent through your websites and applications. Mailgun features are available through an intuitive RESTful API or using traditional email protocols like SMTP.

But, for sending mail you will have to add and verify your domain.

Add Domain -

In Mailgun Dashboard after clicking on Domains, you will find there is already a sandbox domain setup. This domain is testing domain via sandbox domain which you can use to send mails to registered users. But, after verifying your domain, you can send mail to any user.

After clicking the Add New Domain button you will find an empty domain field for filling a new domain.

MX, TXT, CNAME Records-

After submitting a new domain, you will find two TXT, two MX and One CNAME to verifying your domain.

MX — Specifies where the emails for your domain should be delivered.
TXT — these records are used to store text-based information related to your domain. One of their most common uses is for SPF data. SPF, or Sender Policy Framework, is an attempt to control forged e-mail.
CNAME — specifies redirects from your domain’s subdomains to other domains/subdomains.

Add TXT, MX, CNAME in GoDaddy-

In the DNS section in GoDaddy, you will find there are multiple records available but don’t worry, all records are differents servers like Gmail, Mailgun, etc.

Add First TXT Record -

Add Second TXT Record -

Add First MX Record -

Add Second MX Record -


All saved records can see in the DNS section.

Verify Domain-

After saving all records, when you click on Verify DNS Settings button in Mailgun, You would find some records have verified and some are pending. All verified records will be marked in green, pending will be yellow and declined will be red.

Domain also in yellow, means it is also in pending status.

Verified Domain-

After some time you will find all records have been verified, then all marks will be green.

Note:- It can take max 48 hrs for verify domain.

Now, you can send mail to any user but there are some limitations, for limitations please check documentations.

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